Community Cycles website's heuristic review

About Community Cycles

My goal was to take on a website for an organization whose values I supported and find simple UX tweaks that could have big impacts on their goals. I chose Community Cycles.

"Community Cycles is a non-profit organization of bicycle enthusiasts.

We recycle, repair, and refurbish donated bikes, sell used bikes and provide a welcoming space to learn about bicycle repair.

We educate our community about bicycle safety, and advocate for the use of bicycles as affordable, viable, and sustainable transportation and personal enjoyment in our community.”

Community Cycles Homepage

Top 3 Business' Goals

I used their 2015 annual report to understand their growth pattern and goals.

  1. Increase 2016 annual income by 30%.
  2. Increase 2016 number of members by 20%.
  3. Increase 2016 mailing list subscribers by 30%.

Top 3 Users' Goals

I used their 2015 annual report and looked for valuable content to users through the site to come up with actionable goals.

  1. Buy/Donate bikes.
  2. Find events/workshops/resources on how to maintain/repair bikes.
  3. Become a member.

Plan of action

The intersection of business and users’ goals shows us that we need to focus on 5 main topics:

Community Cycles Business x Users' goals

Bike sales

The information architecture could be simplified by making the navigation less wordy. “Used bikes” can become “Bikes”, “Our bike listings on Craiglist” can become “Buy a bike”.

Having more bike information, especially bike pictures as well as the address, map and hours of the bike shop will prevent the user from looking for this information on another page.

The picture is confusing as it links to its own picture. Removing the picture or removing the link and adding the address, map and hours of the bike shop as its description can be more helpful. Other possible improvements include adding featured bikes on the homepage and the ability to buy a bike online.

Community Cycles used bikes menu
Community Cycles bike listing


A better content strategy needs to be implemented to avoid wordy and repetitive paragraphs, forcing the user needs to scroll down below the fold to actually see the workshops.

Moving the content of (calendar of workshops) to this page will remove one click and allow a better visualizaton of workshops through time.

Adding reviews could bring more credibility to the workshops. Also, adding upcoming workshops above the fold on the homepage and making sure “workshops” and “events” are not used interchangeably will help the user navigation workshops’ related content.

Community Cycles workshops


Content hierarchy and contrast for the calls to action and their benefits could be improved to increase membership. Creating a table with the membership types as columns and their benefits, prices and buy buttons as rows would help the user make a comparison and easily choose the preferred membership.

Community Cycles membership


The events page needs more visibility in the site map and navigation since now it is only available through the “View all Events” below the “Upcoming Events” list on the sidebar.

The search function needs to be more obvious, maybe adding a search icon can help.

Some events are displayed on blog posts (e.g. but are inexistent on the calendar and should be added to the calendar.

Community Cycles events

Content organization

If you already know what you are looking for, it may be hard to find it and/or will take you a few clicks before figuring it out. Adding a general search function will help you find what you want, fast.

For more community engagement, social media use needs to be more prominent: the social media icons can be moved with the other actions, added to the footer, implement some likes/shares functionality, recent tweet/instagram gallery can be added on the homepage.

Community Cycles social media

Tags are not used efficiently, the “Front page” should be removed and more descriptive tags should be used to facilitate finding related content. Also, blog posts can be replaced by more appropriate content such as featured content for bike sales, workshops, membership, events..

Community Cycles tags


The intersection of users’ and business’ goals allowed us to improve the user experience by focusing on 5 areas: bike sales, workshops, membership, events and resources.

The redesign should focus on:

Each of these suggestions can be tried and their impact can be measured to insure the success of the 2016 business goals.